Alpha Divers Cyprus, the Premier 5 star Diving Centre in the Mediterranean. Learn to scuba dive, scuba dive on the Zenobia Wreck roll on roll off ferry that sank in June 1980 with 104 articulated vehicles still fully laden with cargo. Penetration diving on the Champagne Wreck. Specialty Courses on the Alexandria and complete your Open Water Course, or your Advanced Open Water Course, Or your Rescue Course, or your Dive Master Course, or your Instructor Course with the best scuba diving centre in Cyprus.
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scuba diving in cyprus. Crystal clear mediterranean waters scuba diving on the zenobia wreck. Life in cyprus couldn't be better when you are scuba diving with Alpha Divers, your 5 star service providers, covering all areas in Ayia Napa, Protaras and Larnaca Bay... the home to the famous Zenobia Ship Wreck in Cyprus. The perfect location to learn to dive or to continue your diving excellence with a Scuba Diving Internship or Scuba Diving Course CYPRUS SCUBA DIVING CYPRUS SCUBA DIVING CYPRUS SCUBA DIVING CYPRUS SCUBA DIVING
scuba dive in cyprus where we have the zenobia wreck, tunnels and caves, rocky gardens teeming with marine life. For an unforgettable holiday come and dive with alpha divers cyprus or if you are not yet diving then learn to dive with us. Discover Scuba Diving courses from only a tenner. CYPRUS SCUBA DIVING CYPRUS SCUBA DIVING CYPRUS SCUBA DIVING
Scuba diving in cyprus with alpha divers cyprus scuba diving centre. The best PADI 5 star Dive Centre offering Scuba Diving Internships with awesome Zenobia Wreck Dives and Tec Rec Courses and other Technical Courses and diving and a BSAC Premier and Technical diving centre in Larnaca Cyprus, the best wreck diving in the world
cyprus scuba diving internships up to instructor with alpha divers is safe,fun and adventurous on the Zenobia Wreck in Larnaca. Complete your Advanced Open Water scuba diving Course in Cyprus with Alpha Divers in Ayia Napa, Protaras or in Larnaca & at least 4 of you scuba adventure dives will be on the Zenobia Ship Wreck in Cyprus.
Holiday in cyprus and learn to scuba dive with alpha divers cyprus. Complete your Open Water Scuba Diving Course or enrol in a Cyprus Scuba Diving internship up to Instructor level with the Go-Pro Courses with Alpha Divers Cyprus
Learn to scuba dive in cyprus with Alpha Divers, we cater for both PADI and BSAC divers. We are a PADI five star instructor development centre and a BSAC Premier centre and Technical dive centre. Your guarantee of clean air,safe dive boats and quality service offering Tec Rec, Technical Zenobia Dives and all PADI Specialty Courses from Deep Specialty, Wreck Specialty, Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty and many more Specialty Courses.
cyprus scuba diving is the best in the meditarranean. The wreck of the Zenobia, a ro ro ferry which sank in 1980 is the best dive in the meditarranean.Learn to dive in cyprus, be Project Aware when diving, visit Alpha Divers in Larnaca Cyprus Scuba Diving 5 Star Diving Centre for your Emergency First Response Course or your Emergency First Response Instructor Course, Come to Alpha Divers for your Diving, Dive Master Or Instructor Scuba Diving Internship as we are the best 5 Star Instructor Development Centre in Cyprus offering all courses up to Master Scuba Diver Trainer and Energency First Response Instructor and now TEC REC Courses in technical diving, Alpha Divers Cyprus is the only way to go for 5 Star Service in Cyprus
scuba diving in cyprus with alpha divers makes your fantastic holiday in cyprus a special memory when you dive in cyprus on the famous Zenobia Wreck or when you complete your PADI Open Water Course in Larnaca Cyprus with Alpha Divers

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Learn To Dive In Cyprus, Open Water Diver to Instructor, Scuba Diving Internships, Technical Diving, Rebreather Friendly, Specialist Zenobia Wreck Dives, the best Cyprus has to offer for scuba diving in cyprus with Alpha Divers Larnaca and ayia napa and protaras, scuba diving in cyprus has never been so easy with 5 star service The best for Tec Rec in Cyprus and the Zenobia Wreck





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