Zenobia Wreck in Cyprus with Alpha Divers


The Zenobia Wreck is by far the best wreck in the Mediterranean and arguably the most penetrable wreck in the world!

She lies in 42 mtrs in Larnaca bay… allowing all levels of diver the opportunity to dive her and enjoy the breathtaking marine life…

She is just under 180 mtrs in length and has over 104 articulated vehicles fully laden with cargo still able to see… incredible!!!

She is held in high esteem by all avid Recreational Divers & especially Technical Divers due to the extended penetrable range available to them… if you want to see her all… you will need at least 20 dives… take the 10 dive pack ‘Wreck Headz’ Challenge, guaranteed to blow your mind!

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As a dive site, the Zenobia provides a wide range of challenges to scuba divers, from a fairly simple dive to 16 metres depth along the starboard side of the ship (suitable for newly qualified divers); moving up to a more advanced dive inside the upper car deck and accommodation block for the Advanced Open Water & Wreck Certified, right up to extremely adventurous dives within the middle & lower car decks or for the time served… the engine room (which are only suitable for experienced Technical divers).

To enjoy the full history click on the Official Zenobia Documentary shown below which came 1st place in the professional film category at the British Underwater Film Festival in 2010 and was released to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the sinking of the Zenobia ship wreck , hear from witnesses of her sinking in June 1980 and from the experts who dive her every day and know her amazing routes and dive capability.