Dive Sites

Dive Sites in Cyprus are epic!

Our knowledge of all Cyprus Dive Sites is second to none, because of this we are your chosen provider for Cyprus.
Please feel free to ask and we will do our best to take you to the dive sites you want to see. Do not hesitate, contact us today with your needs.

LARNACA – Dive Sites

Zenobia Wreck, The new artificial reef ‘Elpida Wreck’ laid to rest ‘perfectly upright’ in November 2019, WWII HMS Cricket, The Alexandria, The Champagne Wreck, Barge Wreck, Mushroom Rocks,  WWII Ferret Car… Pyla Caves, The Wall, UN Gully, The Arches, Bullet Point, Octopus’ Reef, Mazatos Wreck…

We have an exceptional opportunity for a 3 dive wreck day starting on the Zenobia Wreck, then moving to the Elpida Wreck for dive 2 and then back to the Zenobia Wreck for dive 3…. maximise your wreck experiences in Cyprus with the service providers who know, care and progress you daily 🙂

Please be advised that for the 3 dive day Nitrox is mandatory for all divers, if you are not already Nitrox certfified we can do that on the day for you no problem… this will enhance your experience underwater, keep you safe and extend your bottom time 🙂


Tunnels and Caves, White Chapel, Canyon, Green Bay, De-Costa Reef, Cape Awkward, Liberty & Nemesis Wrecks plus the new MUSAN underwater sculpture museum