Dive Sites

Our knowledge of all Cyprus dive sites is second to none, because of this we are your chosen provider for Cyprus.
Please feel free to ask and we will do our best to take you to the dive sites you want to see. Do not hesitate, contact us today with your needs.

LARNACA – Dive Sites

Zenobia Wreck, WWII HMS Cricket, The Alexandria, The Champagne Wreck, Barge Wreck, Mushroom Rocks,  WWII Ferret Car… Pyla Caves, The Wall, UN Gully, The Arches, Bullet Point, Octopus’ Reef, Mazatos Wreck…


Tunnels and Caves, White Chapel, Canyon, Green Bay, De-Costa Reef, Cape Awkward, Liberty & Nemesis Wrecks


LIMASSOL – Extra Fees Apply 

Sharks Cove, Fish Reserve, Big Country, Tombs, Pyramids, Lady Thetis & Constandis Wrecks

PAPHOS – Extra Fees Apply

Wreck of the Achilleas, Vera K Wreck, White River, Amphitheater, Maniji Island, St. Georges Cove