Dive Centre

We provide on the spot servicing of all scuba equipment at our dive centre and our retail shop is epic.

Our dive centre provides all Mares XRX-Deep Scuba Diving Equipment, all at fantastic prices.

We have fantastic action Vaquita underwater cameras for sale at the best prices.

It’s cheaper and better for you to buy than rent in the long run… all with epic picture quality (check it out)….

Penetration dive on the Zenobia Wreck with Alpha Divers

The latest in European made Side Mount, Back Mount -Technical & Recreational diving products from X-Deep. The best option for price, quality and comfort in your chosen speciality…

We guarantee affordable prices, quick turnaround and direct support for all your needs. We have amazing facilities and totally flexible staff to assist you. All this & more is available at the Alpha Divers Scuba Diving centre.

Please feel free to come in and speak with our highly trained sales team.

All of the team are PADI / BSAC instructors so you can discuss the next step on your Scuba Diving Journey.

Your diving progression must be safe, challenging, progressive and the best you can receive from any agency.