Go-Pro and map your own stars

How many times have we woken up in the morning and thought ‘Urghhh, another rainy day’ or ‘ Another day in the office’ or just can’t maintain the role that lifts, invigorates and enthuses you daily???

All too many times we have some amazing people that come to us on holiday to dive and they say ‘Wow… you guys really are living the dream!’… well yes actually, we are! We were just like you, or them, but we took the plunge… literally… and changed our stars. We mapped our own future with the tap of a keyboard and a commitment to something new that flicked our switch, opened our eyes and put a constant smile on our faces… we had a new goal… to become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.

The hardest thing to do was making the decision and sticking to it… but once your there in the throws of the course, developing as a person and as a professional it becomes easier and easier.

For me it was a golden opportunity to move away from the music industry, which was awesome for the 12 years I was an international DJ, but most things have a shelf life and although I had a huuuuuge passion for it I was still unfulfilled… but it’s now been 11 years as an Instructor and running a dive centre… I am still as enthusiastic as when I started but more passionate about my ‘dive life’ than ever before.

The people i meet in the industry are very like minded, disciplined, enthusiastic and have a passion for what matters… people, development, progression, thrills and challenges… it’s all there.

Consider it, could you see yourself responsible for the safety & service of others?

If so… drop Chris Martin  a line at info@alpha-divers.com and map your own stars 🙂

Nicky, Kate & Sam

New Instructors with Alpha Divers in Cyprus