Technical Diving with Alpha Divers… ‘THE’ Zenobia Wreck Specialists

Our experienced Instructors offer PADI TecRec, Extended Range & BSAC Seamanship Courses to the best sites in Cyprus.

There are lots of excellent technical dive sites in Cyprus, with different types of diving and a range of depths available.

From the world famous Zenobia Wreck to Elpida and Cricket, Deep Walls, Caves & copious amounts of marine life.

The Wreck diving in Cyprus far exceeds that of most other locations in the world, with 8 wrecks around the island the choice is yours, but the Jewel of Wreck dives is the Zenobia Ship Wreck... she is awesome, awesome, awesome and impossible to match with her extensive penetrable capability. 

If you are looking to start Technical diving it’s not as complicated as you may think. You use the same theories, principles and techniques as a recreational diver. Technical diving will improve your dive knowledge and overall dive skills as these become all the more important.

Technical diving is the next step for diving progression. You are starting to move beyond the limits of recreational diving to dive deeper and for longer, you will enjoy the extended range.

To be a Technical diver you will train to dive with different equipment and gases, learn to plan and execute dives within decompression obligations and train for emergency situations.

You will plan and use advanced diving techniques in an excellent learning environment.

For those of you that want to try it for the first time we provide Discover Tec Diving experience dives in shallower water. This provides an introduction to the theory, equipment and procedures.

Welcome to the world of technical diving 🙂