The Zenobia Wreck with Alpha Divers

What is The Zenobia?

The Zenobia is by far the best wreck in the Mediterranean and arguably the most penetrable wreck in the world!

From 15 metres to 42 metres she is perfect for all levels of diver.

At just under 180 metres in length the Zenobia has over 104 articulated vehicles fully laden with cargo… incredible!!!

The Zenobia Wreck is held in high esteem by all avid Recreational & Technical Divers.

The Zenobia’ penetrable range is epic and will have you begging for more as we progress you on this incredible wreck diving site. However a relative certification level must be held to achieve certain dives

Taking a more advanced course with us might be the better option for instance.

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Who is The Zenobia for?

From a fairly simple dive to 15 metres,  along the starboard side of the ship (which is suitable for relatively newly qualified divers).

Or moving up to a more Advanced dive inside the accommodation block and the Upper Car Deck .

Check out the full history click on the Official Zenobia Documentary and get a taste of what’s to come.

Hear from people who witnessed her sinking on the 7th June 1980. Moreover from the experts who dive her every day and know her amazing routes and complete dive capability.

Enjoy the possibilities ahead providing you are relatively certified there are no limits to what you can enjoy, achieve and fulfil while diving on this awesome wreck.

Or advance your personal capabilities and progress yourself with Alpha Divers and on the Zenobia Wreck in here entirety…

You will not be disappointed just as so many before you have been spellbound by her sheer size.

As a result of your personal progression those ready to make the move from recreational diving to technical diving now is the perfect time.

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Also check out the link below filmed in 2018 with the Cousteaus for the Discovery Channel filming for Legends Of The Deep

Discovery Channel Legends of the Deep, The Zenobia

Chris Martin with Celine & Fabien Cousteau in Legends of the Deep as on The Discovery Channel