The Zenobia Wreck Specialists

The Zenobia Wreck Specialists based in Larnaca

We are The Zenobia Wreck Specialists and are totally dedicated to a Very High Level of Safety and Quality Customer Care therefore ensuring your Cyprus Diving Experience is exceptional


Our proven goal is building the utmost customer loyalty, as a result we are consistently voted the Best Scuba Provider in Cyprus!

Alpha Divers is located close to the Lordos Beach Hotel and next to the Mariandy Hotel in Larnaca both great hotels for different budgets of divers.

Dive boat Kalypso provides twice daily scuba trips, she is berthed a stones throw from the famous Zenobia Ship Wreck.

What Makes The Alpha Team? We do... and this is why:

The Alpha Team consists of a PADI Course Director, Master Instructor, Staff Instructor, MSDT's, OWSI, Dive Master, BSAC Advanced Wreck Instructor & SSI Extended Range Instructor, we even have BSAC Power Boat Instructors for Seamanship Courses and Diver Coxwain Courses.

We were the chosen service providers for the grandchildren of Jacques Cousteau as shown in Legends of the Deep  which investigates the hidden theories, mysteries of her demise to the sea bed & an in depth history of that period while showing the most awesome 8K footage of the Zenobia for The Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel Legends of the Deep, The Zenobia

Chris Martin on Legends of the Deep

The extras we can offer:

Providing on the spot servicing of all scuba equipment while having a well stocked retail shop on site to cater for your every need.

We are regularly taking scuba divers to all areas (dependent on diver capability). Including:

  • Bridge
  • Restaurant
  • Chain Locker
  • Lift Shaft
  • Captains Quarters
  • Staff Quarters
  • Upper, Middle & Lower Lorry Decks
  • Other areas that are only for Technical Certified Divers

You can see over 104 articulated vehicles full of sunken cargo and of course the Engine Room!

Alpha Divers Brochure

Brochure for divers

'We Love the Life We Live & We Live the Life We Love'
ENTHUSIASM is the dynamics of your personality, without it, whatever abilities you may have lie dormant.
You may possess knowledge, sound Judgement, good reasoning faculties, but no one will know it until you discover how to put your heart in to thought and action.
A wonderful thing is this quality which we call ENTHUSIASM.

If you would be a power among men, cultivate enthusiasm... people will like you better for it; you will escape the dull routine of a mechanical existence and you will make headway wherever you are... J. Ogden Armor

We are a diver respectful diving centre, truly catering for every level of diver, understanding that every diver is at a different level of their journey... knowing our role fully: ¨ The Service & Safety of others!¨

Operating a personal, tailored, safe and comfortable environment.

Concentrating on your overall experience & personal progression...

Your Needs, Your Safety, Your Fun and Our Customer Service will reign above all.

'Live the difference' with Alpha Divers!

We are THE Alpha Team & we are here for YOU...

Whatever you journey or needs are during your time in Cyprus we are here for that... service and safety is our goal but ensuring you are challenged, understood, broadened, progressed and fulfilled in every way.

Specialist Wreck Dives? No problem, we have the most knowledgeable & seasoned staff in the industry especially when it comes to the Zenobia.

Instructor Development Courses or diver progression, you name it and we can provide it with the best instructors or Course Director in Cyprus.

if you want to know more 'about us' come and drop in and meet the team, see for yourself the quality we provide in all scuba diving disciplines or feel free to call Chris Martin direct on 00357 99866383 to discuss your needs, or mail us:

Director / Chief INSTRUCTOR

Chris Martin

OPS /MI / Tec IT /Skipper


Jess Bailey

Digital Marketing

Molly Ann Brown


Course Director

Paul Firth

CD / Tec IT / Skipper


Sean Miller

MSDT / Tec / Skipper

Siobhan Stella


EFRI/FOH/RN-Child Nurse

Lisa Martin

EFRI/FOH/RN-Child Nurse


Alex Fleet

MSDT / Tec / Skipper

George Krumpa